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Why do Companies Fail? Turnaround Management Society Survey Results 2014
The Turnaround Management Society (TMS) asked 405 turnaround managers and restructuring experts about what factors, in their experience, lead to corporate crises. The last survey on this subject was carried out in 1990. The 2014 TMS survey highlights the internal and external causes that corporate restructuring specialists have witnessed in their assignments over the last five years. The results are then compared to previous surveys in order to identify changes over the last 40 years in the r...
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Turnaround Management Journal is now also available on the Apple Newsstand

The Turnaround Management Journal is a periodical about crisis management, corporate restructuring and transformation processes. The journal features highly ranked authors, university professor, leading professionals and turnaround consultants.

Over the past few years the journal has become a reliable source for restructuring professionals who want to stay up to date with industry developments and want to further educate themselves by learning from one of the many case studies the journal features.

"The journal has become a link between research from academic institutions and the real world in which knowledge and information about creative restructuring strategies and methods creates a competitive advantage for professionals around the world" says Dr. Christoph Lymbersky senior editor of the Turnaround Management Journal and author of the International Turnaround Management Standard, a framework for turnaround and restructuring processes.

The Turnaround Management Society who publishes the journal twice a year made the journal available on the Apple Newsstand this month. The readers can subscribe over the iphone and ipad or buy single issues.