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Why do Companies Fail? Turnaround Management Society Survey Results 2014
The Turnaround Management Society (TMS) asked 405 turnaround managers and restructuring experts about what factors, in their experience, lead to corporate crises. The last survey on this subject was carried out in 1990. The 2014 TMS survey highlights the internal and external causes that corporate restructuring specialists have witnessed in their assignments over the last five years. The results are then compared to previous surveys in order to identify changes over the last 40 years in the r...
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Turnaround experts answer students' questions at the fifth Knowledge Night

Carsten Ovens and Dr Christoph Lymbersky, both internationally recognized experts in turnaround management, were available all night to answer questions about corporate restructurings and the turnaround process in a professional

The fifth Knowledge Night (Nacht des Wissens) in Hamburg, Germany, was a great success for every institution involved. Around 100,000 interested people visited the participating research institutes, universities and academies to

listen to various speakers and to get a look at the research projects being undertaken. All institutions were open until midnight, and the local transport company HVV arranged free shuttles to transport visitors around the city.

At the VWA Carsten Ovens, senior fellow of the Turnaround Management Society, and Dr Christoph Lymbersky, were available to answer students' questions about corporate transformations, restructurings and turnaround management.

Carsten Ovens' presentation about brand management was a very popular highlight. Mr Ovens talked about how brands can develop a strong image and how this image can save them from a corporate crisis, but also about how a brand image can be misleading.