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Why do Companies Fail? Turnaround Management Society Survey Results 2014
The Turnaround Management Society (TMS) asked 405 turnaround managers and restructuring experts about what factors, in their experience, lead to corporate crises. The last survey on this subject was carried out in 1990. The 2014 TMS survey highlights the internal and external causes that corporate restructuring specialists have witnessed in their assignments over the last five years. The results are then compared to previous surveys in order to identify changes over the last 40 years in the r...
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International Turnaround Management Standard Honors Collard as Significant Contributor

The Turnaround Management Society has developed the ITMS and is overseeing its certification process. The ITMS is a guided system through a corporate turnaround based on over 1500 references, countless interviews and over 150 turnaround cases. It is utilizing the success factors and strategies that led to successful turnarounds over the past 30 years.

John M. Collard, Chairman, Strategic Management Partners, Inc., Past Chairman, Turnaround Management Association, and Chairman, Association of Interim Executives, said "I am honored to part of such a fine work. Turnarounds are like beginning over again – they must build teams, differentiate and sell products and services, secure capitalization, and grow." Collard continued. "The situation and players in each turnaround engagement are unique, which requires flexibility and creativity in approach to succeed. The International Turnaround Management Standard is a brilliant rendition of strategies and actions that can be applied to the turning process. Dr. Lymbersky has done a marvelous job bringing together methodologies for practitioners."