MapleStory Nebulites and Bonus Changes

There are always some positive and negative changes in the Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos, such as Nebulites and Bonus systems, we think that Nexon want to deliver us a MapleStory, but occasionally what they did is contrary to what they want.

With the debut of Hard Lotus, Hard Damien, and Hard Lucid Flames of Rebirth is becoming more and more reasonable on account of the fact there is a lack of accessibility of different systems such as Bonus and Nebulites . If you haven't caught on by both of these systems still has a wall which blocks the player.

Flames of Rebirth is also a whole lot more accessible than Flames, Nebulites and Bonus Potential and more free-to-play. Actually, Flames of Rebirth has been present but most of it has been disabled. You will find loads of Flamed gear in Luna which demonstrates further that GMS technically can have Flames if Nexon America chose to.

Assume an end-game player does have Bonus Potential and their Nebulites. Just how a lot of those can group up together and fight the present top 3 managers? I'd say it's a minimal chance, it's pretty unrealistic for the average participant. Players have suggested revamps to systems such as getting more access to Nebulites and Bonus Potential via Reward Shop, but that has not occurred despite the fact several threads were produced over the last few decades.

I doubt that GMS will lower the HP of the supervisors that are current, or implement the above tips. Proof is within the Kanna nerf. They would rather than solving the issue altogether as a region 17, from another region. Since there are no changes to Hard Lotus, Hard Damien, and Hard Lucid from any other servers apart from KMS that makes it easier we have till KMS changes it. What is more unfortunate is their Bonus Potential is more accessible due to having a more stable economy compared to GMS.

Some type of change needs to be made in the level for sure.

In all honesty, I'm not mad with those changes in MapleStory, you understand, I do not care all about this, I just play the game with my buddies for, and maybe I will abandon MapleStory if it wouldn't fun later on. And when this match is left by all of my friends, I would leave.

Welcome to MMOak do you really feel about the nebs in MapleStory, yes, I know that Nexon is going to Revamp Nebulite System. Without causing the plethora it is basically the things that are vital. Here's what they need to do:

Normally increase the drop rate of nebulite boxes. It should be roughly equal to the gear drop rate in Temple of Time and.

Eliminate worthless nebs. Either randomly convert them make them obtainable. This includes the + stat nebs that are flat. Even without any equipment, a +4 stat neb can not compete with a 1 percent stat neb.. Buffing them instead is an option but I urge caution. They may shift the equilibrium of this game and I suggest making them untouched by potentials.

Consolidate the stats into a single tier per position. A neb giving 3% dex and another is really unfair. The opportunity of ranking a neb and fusing is low. This should also entail changing the %so that D includes stat going up to some with 4 percent stat stat nebs down one rank.

Eliminate and then substitute it with a maplestory mesos cost. (Nexon if you want to take the easy way out you can put fusion tickets in general shops .) Fusing a neb with another that's one tier lower should guarantee a neb of their rank. E.g. fusing a C using a B should guarantee a B.Remove the nebulite diffuser. Putting a brand new nebulite onto a piece of gear that Wikipedia already has one should simply replace and destroy the installed neb..
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